MICC JINR Multifunctional
Information and Computing


Start using cloud

Сloud service provides two user interfaces (both of them are accessible from JINR, CERN, NetByNet, TMPK and Contact networks):

  1. command line interface;
  2. graphical web-interface «Sunstone» (either simplified or full-featured one are available depending on user group he belongs to).

User guides on both of them can be found on Opennebula portal.

The JINR cloud service can be used by authenticated users only. Currently it is configured to authenticate users registered in JINR users database (JINR UDB for short) only. JINR UDB registration procedure is identical to AFS or CICC ones since Kerberos is used for authentication in both of them.

In order to be authenticated by JINR cloud service via Sunstone a user registered in JINR UDB has to enter his login and password used for accessing services mentioned above.