MICC JINR Multifunctional
Information and Computing



The service git.jinr.ru is build on GitLab Community Edition platform which integrates variety of modern tools to facilitate software development process:

  • issue tracking;
  • Git version control system;
  • Code Review;
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment tools.

In the simplest case the service can be used for hosting personal Git repositories, but also for organizing collaborative software development process.

Please, pay attention: the service should be used primarily for source-code and plain text files hosting and versioning. It should NOT be used as a data storage for other types of files: photo, audio and video materials, documents in other formats (doc, pdf, etc).

Who can use it?

The service is aimed at software developers in the first place. Access can be granted for the following user categories:

  • JINR users
  • Attached Researchers
  • Students who practice in JINR
  • Third party staff participating in mutual works


  • Host your personal Git repositories
  • Track issues
  • Build, test and deploy with built-in Continuous Integration
  • Deploy your personal static websites with GitLab Pages